Asking Painters Questions

Asking Painters Questions

There are so many companies to choose from in Sydney. There are so many in fact it may be hard for you to decide on the best company to hire for your painting project. Choosing the wrong company could leave you disappointed with a low-quality job that has taken up your entire project budget.

There are some basic questions and simple research that are helpful use to find the right fit with a painting contractor before you decide on what company to use for your project.

Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

When choosing a painting company it’s important to find out as much as can about the painting companies you are interested in hiring.

Ask them:

How long have they been operating?

What is their expertise?

Ask them for references?

If the company is reputable, then they will be able to easily answer these questions and provide new references. You may choose to Google their company name, address, and look for reviews. Becare with reviews on websites some of them may not be honest, but if all of the reviews are negative that may be a red flag for the company.

It’s also helpful to see if the company is active on social media, their social media pages on facebook and other popular sites can really tell a lot about the company. You can see their reviews, how they interact with followers, former and prospective clients. This can give you a quick snapshot of their services.

What are their Hiring Policies

It’s important to know many things about the workers who are coming to your site for a painting project. Here are a few questions to ask the projects managers:

What criteria do you use to hire your employees?

Are they experienced, professional painters?

Are they full-time employees or are they hired on a per-project basis?

What standards do they hold their employees to?

What does the painting Company Specialize in?

There are three broad categories:

Residential – these painters work on homeowner projects, they help the homeowners to create a polished look for their homes.

Institutional- Delivers custom painting for schools, hospitals, and other types of office buildings.

Commercial – Work on large projects that involve commercial building, oftentimes metal materials, they help to portray businesses as the brand they have created.

Some painting companies in Sydney provide all of these services, but it is best if the company you choose specializes in the service you are looking for; they are more likely to provide you with the best service.

Hows does the Company Provide their Work?

Professional painting companies should provide you with a step by step process that will clearly outline the process of painting your home. Most of the time these steps should include:

Analyzing the Customer’s needs for the home painting project.
Preparing the surface and area to be painted.
Using the best techniques to apply the paint to the intended area.
It is important that you understand their process and are comfortable with their techniques before hiring a painting company.


It is important to check references, this gives you a better picture of how former clients felt about the services they received and whether they would recommend the painting company they used here in Sydney. Ask for pictures and even call clients. It is also important, that you ask for recent references to make sure their recent work is up to par; sometimes painting companies only use their “best” client pictures even if they are several years old.

Are they licensed?

Many states and areas require certifications and licenses. Most of the time the business cannot legally operate without being registered, licenses, and insured. It’s best to look for:

Certifications and Licenses ( contact the proper authorities to make sure these papers are legitimate)

Is the company insured? Will the insurance cover any accidents that may occur doing your project?

What kind of paint do they use?

Paint quality affects the look of your home when the project is completed. A high-quality paint will provide good quality, a surface that doesn’t fade after being exposed to the elements.


Really cheap prices often lead to subpar performance. Don’t be fooled by a rock bottom price. It is best to go with a company that prices competitively with other reputable painting companies in Sydney. Contract a paint company that will give you the best quality are a reasonable price.

What makes them the best painting company in Sydney?

Great painting companies can easily guide you through process of the project, answer questions, and have good references. They should go out of their way to meet their customer’s needs.

To truly be satisfied with the outcome of your residential project, it is important that you investigate the company. Check many resources and references. At King Painting here in Sydney we offer transparent planning steps and pricing. We also offer many references call us at 1800 115 883 or check us out on our facebook.

Let us help you plan your residential project.


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