Which Painting Contractor we hire?

Which Painting Contractor we hire?

There is a difference between hiring reliable and trustworthy contractors for home projects and contractors that could turn your project into an expensive disaster. But how do you know if a contractor is truly trustworthy? Let’s look at some tips to help you decide if the contractors you have chosen are right for your job.

Project Scenario: You have decided to repaint your home. It has two-stories with lots of decorated trim. It has also had issues with mold on one side of the house. As a homeowner, you want this paint job to last a long time and look great. It is time to start looking for a contractor. How will you know which company is the most reliable?

Tip 1: They Have Good Communication and Punctuality.

A painting contractor or any contractor will keep you advised during each step of the process. Communication should be one of their priorities. They will be punctual when keeping appointments if a contractor is late and not following through its time to look at a different contractor.

Tip 2: They Have Reliable references on command.

Reliable Painting Contractors, such as those at King Painting, will offer customers references or have no hesitations when asking for referrals. References should be local and recent. This shows consistency in work, if the recommendations are old, then what did the contractor do doing the gap of time with no references?

If they don’t have good references, it’s time to look for another painting service.

Tip 3: Small or no deposit required.

If the painting contractors ask for a large deposit or money upfront… be wary. A lot of times, a reliable contractor may ask for 10% – 30% down to cover paint. Some paint companies will not allow refunds once the color has become tinted.

Contractors use deposits for two reasons. It shows your commitment to the project, including the ability to pay (they can allow the time needed for your project because you are committed). The deposits also enable the painters to purchase your exact colors without having to use their own money.

Of course, no deposit is a plus showing that the contractors plan on finishing the job and that you in return will pay for their services.

The Most Important Tip: Trust your instincts, if something seems off, don’t let a good deal turn your home project into a nightmare.

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