Painter’s Warranty Vs. Paint Warranty

Painter’s Warranty Vs. Paint Warranty

When gathering quotes for professional painting projects at your home or business, it’s essential to discuss warranties and agreements. After all, this is an investment towards your home or business. Most companies offer two types of warranty, product warranty, and a workmanship warranty.

It’s imperative to ask questions about the warranties that have been promised by the painting company. Let’s take some of the guesswork out of this by talking about two very different warranties.

What is a product (paint) warranty?

A product warranty is an agreement specifically to the product of the paint.

Dulux is the specific brand that King Painting uses. This paint warranty says that Dulux brand stands by the quality of their products.

Dulux paints guarantee their Weathershield paint won’t peel, flake, or blister for 15 years. Of course, the paint must be applied on prepared surfaces to Dulux DuSpec Specification.

What Does Painters Warranty Cover?

Painter’s warranty covers the labour part of your painting project. In New South Wales, there is a minimum warranty of 6 months covering workmanship.

It’s important to ask when obtaining quotes from painting companies to ask the length of their companies upfront guarantee of workmanship and what all their workmanship warranties. Painting professionals offer a standard two-year guarantee, if the painting company provides less than a two-year warranty, that painting company may not follow the industry standard, and you may be left with a bad paint job!

King Painting always offers a five-year painter’s warranty as a guarantee of their work. If something has happened with the workmanship, King Painting will fix that issue free of charge.

Considering The Cost Of Your Painting Project

When you are deciding your budget for a painting job, it’s important to figure in the quality of the painting service. It’s important that the company you choose follows industry standards, quotes from some companies may be extremely cheap, but their workmanship may also be subpar. They may cut corners, and that means more problems for your paint job down the road.

Refreshing your paint job before it should need it will cost more money in the long run annually. It’s smart to choose a painter who has your needs as a consumer in mind. Look for painter’s like King’s painting whose workmanship quality and paint will last many years before needing any touch-ups.


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