Does Your Building match your brand?

Does Your Building match your brand?

You’ve worked very hard to create a brand for your business. But does your physical building convey your brand? Designing and planning your physical exterior to carry your branding helps to market to your business tremendously! King commercial painters can take your business brand’s color and then match your buildings with our commercial painting services.

Give a Great First Impression

Often times, your customer’s first impression is thru your commercial building exterior. Looking at the marketing geniuses behind today’s best company’s. Target is known for its bull’s eye red, and McDonald’s yep! It’s golden arches. The company, follow through with their branding o their architecture also. So as you are working on building your brand, keep in mind that it is essential to express your brand through your building exterior too! King Commerical painting can take your brand and help you to show it throughout your building’s exterior.

How to use colors to affect your customers

Different colors have different effects on human emotions and help with decision making. Your company can use color to attract customers and carry your goals through with your branding. Our professional consultants can help you decide on your brand colors and also on painting design choice for your physical commercial building.

Here are a few colors and what these colors can mean or what reaction they cause:

Green inspires confidence, acceptance, and is the colour of money.

Red gives off high energy and excitement, can also cause people to make quick decisions.

Yellow is a color that piques people’s interest and anticipation

Orange is often associated with excellent value and can convey the vibrancy

Blue signals professionalism

Match Your Commercial Paint Design with Your Print and Online Advertising

Once you have decided on the colors for your brand, then it’s time to reflect your brand throughout all of your advertising choices. The most significant piece of advertising is your physical building. Send your potential customers and current customers a consistent message by using the same colors and branding throughout your physical building.

Quality Commercial Painting
We have more than two decades of experience, King Commercial Painters can meet your commercial needs and convey your brand to your customers through painting. We have the expertise to take care of your painting needs.

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