Right colours for your workplace

Right colours for your workplace

Do you know how powerful colours can be? Colours themselves can bring about physical and emotional reactions just by looking at them! People have colours they prefer, but studies have shown that specific colorus have the same effect on everyone!

Choosing the right colour for your office or workspace can either increase their productivity or make them less productive. So if it’s time for an update, it’s time to look at the psychological power of colour to create a more energetic and productive workspace.

When choosing a colour for your space, it’s important, to begin with looking at what kind of task your employees perform. Some colors boost activity in general, but some colours will promote certain types of activities. So take a look at what your employees generally do and then look at these examples.

Here are some examples:

Blue is an excellent color to pain an entire office because it increases productivity by stimulating our brains. Blue also can be a calming color and can increase focus for some people.

Green |

Green is also a very calming colour. The fantastic thing about green is it doesn’t create eye fatigue, so if your employees work long hours, this is a perfect colour for your workspace. This makes your employees more efficient, boosting productivity because the eyestrain will slow them down during long works.

Yellows help energize and helps encourage creativity, so designers, writers, and other people who “create” do well working in a yellow workspace.

Red |  

Red is known to increase blood flow and heart rate, it also increases emotion and passion. It’s best to paint items that are important red so your employee will notice it.

It’s essential to carefully choose the intensity and saturation of your colours during your workspace project. Any of the colors we have mentioned are better choices for your workspace than bland, neutral colors (beiges, grays, whites, and black). Brighter hues are more stimulating, and softer ones are soothing. It’s smart to choose colours that will boost productivity based on the job of your employees.

It’s also worth noting that those bland colors tend to increase feelings of depression and sadness, notably in women. Men tend to have these feelings in workspaces that are purple and orange.

So if your employees seem down and gloomy, a new coat of paint will help! Your specialist at King Painting in Sydney can offer you many different painting services to help improve employee morale and make your workspace look amazing.

Let us help you create a design that will set you apart from the competition, promote your unique brand, and boost productivity.

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