Interior Warehouse Painting

Interior Warehouse Painting

This was an interior painting we completed at a warehouse in Alexandria, NSW. While these look very plain, interior painting of commercial spaces, like warehouses is an important part of good building maintenance. Good building maintenance shows everyone that the building manager is keeping the building and facility in top shape, and that they care about their business.

Did you know that King Painting has a commercial painting team? We have the special skills, equipment and knowledge, to not only handle your commercial painting jobs, but we also guarantee your satisfaction. Not all professional painters have this ability, most professional painters only focus on residential painting.

Why hire a commercial painting pro?

Hiring a commercial painting pro will meet all your needs, with less hassle and a better overall job than just a standard professional painter. Professional painters are used to working residential spaces. Our painting pros are used to all of the details and possible issues that commonly occur within a commercial building job.

We give quality service from the very beginning:

  • Quick responses to any questions or concerns you have through phone or email.
  • Professional painters who are highly skilled and will leave the work area clean when the project is finished.
  • We use quality paints and stains that are durable.
  • We believe in completing projects on time, we keep on track and on schedule.
  • We have a proven system that ensures quality and consistency with all of our projects.
  • Our clients are fully informed on each level of project.

Set apart from the rest

We Aren’t your normal Painting Company

When looking for a company to paint your commercial building its important to look for a team with that values their craft and takes pride in their work. King’s Painting team is honest and professional. We have a special process that we walk each client through, so they understand what we are paying for, we call this plan the King Way. We want our clients to know our process through every step of their project with us.

The commercial painting experience

Kings commercial painting team realizes that your project is different from residential projects, and we have adapted our commercial process to include:

  • Project Safety and Following all Regulations.
  • Commercial project management
  • We are deadline-driven and set our goals so your project is completed on time.

We always have a project manager

Each project and professional painting crew has a project manager. If you have questions, concerns, or need an update this manager is your go-to person. They are available through your entire process to offer their guidance. They oversee the project, and help you understand the King Way step by step.

This is your money and your time! Make sure when choosing commercial painters that you will have the best crew and the project will be completed on time! When choosing a company check:

  • Licensing of the company
  • Qualifications of the company
  • Referrals, ask for a project similar to yours to check out!
  • Ask about their employees

If the company that is quoting you can’t provide these four things, that is a red flag! At King Painting we are transparent! We provide this four important points to consider and our project managers can answer any questions you have throughout your experience with us!


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