A Different Kind Of Valentine

A Different Kind Of Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and choosing a gift at the last minute is difficult. This year, try something other instead of candy and dinner, or a bouquet. These are lovely ideas, but unoriginal and overdone. If you want your love to really remember how much you love him or her, consider giving your home a lovely little facelift. Because we all actually LIVE in our homes, they take a lot of abuse, from accidental

and scratches to children’s colouring masterpieces on the walls. The first step to giving your living space a new look is to clean the affected areas. This can be as simple as a light wash using mild detergent and water. There are times that washing just doesn’t do the trick, though. If that’s your experience, a quick paint project might be a great surprise for your loved one. Here are a few areas of your home that might need some TLC:
Interior Trim

The trim on the interior of your home is as important as furniture and decor when it comes to providing atmosphere and attractiveness. Wood trim, however, can get beat up, scratched, and gouged easily. One of the simplest ways to improve the look of your interior is to repaint the trim. In this way, you can add luster and shine, brightening the whole room. You can also switch up the colour of your trim, adding new life to an old look. Your significant other will be sure to notice this small, but effective change.

Exterior Doors

Doors are one of the smallest paint projects, and they make one of the biggest impacts on a home’s appearance. Exterior doors are exposed to all types of natural elements, like sun, rain, snow and wind. The bombardment of mother nature takes its toll, and doors quickly fade or discolor. A fresh coat of paint can make your home warm and inviting again, as well as increasing the home’s curb appeal. This improves value as well, which will be sure to bring a smile.


Because the toilet is a room that is constantly exposed to high levels of moisture and cleaning, it’s not unusual for them to need paint touch-ups more often than other rooms of the home. With a steady stream of traffic in and out, you want your toilet to continue to look fresh and tidy. Maintaining the doors, windows, walls, ceiling and trim is almost always an option for a quick paint job. The room is small, which means you could probably give it an entirely new look in just one day. That’s a terrific gift!


Kitchen surfaces take almost as much abuse as bathrooms. Grease on counters, walls, and even the ceiling can give a dingy, dirty appearance, which can be, well, unappetizing. Sometimes kitchen walls are washable, but even soap and water can’t always cut through a layer of greasy grime. Touching up the paint will open up the room, easily and inexpensively, so the only thing your significant other thinks about when they enter the room is you (and the food, of course.)

Other Ideas

There are many other small details and areas that receive a lot of traffic and use that would make great touch-up painting projects. Surfaces you touch or come in contact with often will show signs of use and wear quickly. A fast and easy option for brightening these areas is to repaint them. Think about door frames, handles and knobs, light switches, or window sills. These are details that can be attended to without much trouble, and your spouse will thank you!
Whether you buy roses and candy, or some other thoughtful item, remember these other great options for a gift right at home. Give your love the gift of a new home, without going anywhere, and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!


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