Body corporate and Strata Painting

Body corporate and Strata Painting

There are many reasons to consider repainting a body corporate or residential strata building. These might include things like protection against extreme weather, repairing damage, or updating construction. However, apart from minor items we address for those reasons, we primarily repaint these structures to increase their aesthetic appeal.

A visually beautiful building exterior has been proven to have a positive influence on the attitudes and general happiness of those who utilize that building. Body corporates want to keep their communities satisfied, and repainting is a easy solution for doing just that.


Consider how health experts recommend, “getting some fresh air,” or “spending some time in nature.” Going out hiking, spending a night under the stars, or even just having a picnic are all thought of as relaxing activities.

As humans, we are affected by stimuli from many sources. Our surroundings at home, the busyness of the city in which we live, even the seasons can have a strong impact on how we see and go about our days. This is why neutral colours can be a good choice for body corporate buildings.

They reflect nature, and are seen as calming, stable shades, which is the easiest choice for keeping the majority of residents feeling the same effects. Many residential strata buildings employ them in common areas.


Homes and living spaces are our havens. They are the places where we spend much of our time, and they reflect our lives, our interests, and our personalities. Our personal preferences play a large role in the colours we choose, because we want to look at hues that we enjoy. We decorate the same way, so instead of a cold, empty space, we spend time in a warm, welcoming environment.

Because colours, textures, and functionalities affect us so clearly, it’s important to find ways to decorate at home that impact us in these positive ways. Repainting a home or apartment in the colours of our preference can make a long-lasting difference on our joy and attitude toward the world around us.
So no, the real reason for repainting is not always protection. Sometimes it is simply for establishing peace of mind.


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