Exterior House Painting Job

Exterior House Painting Job

There are many advantages to giving your property a new exterior paint job, like increasing curb appeal. Another great benefit is the protection from the elements that a fresh coat of paint gives. The paint is essentially a coating that inhibits rotting or weathering from moisture or sun. Although keeping your paint job updated is a good idea for extending the life of your property, however, many people don’t realize that they should maintain their exterior paint jobs a little better. Unfortunately, if a home’s exterior is neglected, it can have the opposite effect, causing potentially permanent damage. For instance, peeling paint can allow seepage into timber siding, resulting in decay. Repairing or restoring
this damage can be costly and frustrating. In a humid climate such as ours, homes are more susceptible to these concerns.

The life of a paint job is often a result of the quality of the work performed, rather than the paint itself. Experienced painters have the knowledge and skill to know how to prepare surfaces appropriately, and which products are best for different projects. Simply hiring a top tier painting company such as King Painting can ensure you have a great looking and well-maintained home for longer. In addition, unexpected occurrences may occasionally cause paint job failure, and having a reliable contractor to call
in those events relieves worry.

An annual inspection of your home’s exterior is recommended, so you can become aware of any problems before they become immediate needs. Here are some potential items to address:

-Trees and bushes should be trimmed back regularly. Plants that come in contact with or rest against the painted surface can cause scratching or peeling. This simple step can save a lot of work in the long run.

-Cracks should be filled to keep moisture out. Fillers sometimes expand and contract as the weather changes, and gaps can occur. These areas can often be touched up without trouble.

-Mold can build up on the exterior of a home, as well as dirt, pollen, or other natural particles. A simple way to fix this is to pressure wash. By using a high-power spray to remove any stuck-on grime, you will be effectively giving your home a fresh new look, as well.

-Check the sunny sides of your home for paint flaking or bubbling. If you see these areas, take care of it right away with painting or other restoration. Exposed timbers are more likely rot or wear away in the sun, and you can save yourself the cost and effort of replacing them.

Keeping up with these few things can add longevity to your beautiful home. If you’ve done an inspection, however, and there are items that need to be addressed, we can help. Contact us for more information.


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