Minimal Accent Wall in Living Area

Minimal Accent Wall in Living Area

One of the best ways to update an old, drab interior paint scheme is to add an accent wall. This simple solution adds a pop of colour without breaking the budget or requiring a large time commitment. It’s also a great way to express your personality or creativity without overtly making large changes.

An accent (feature) wall is one wall in a room that looks different than the other walls. The purpose of this is to draw the eye to that part of the room, providing a focal point that serves either as the primary or complementary décor. Many times, this is accomplished by painting.

Accent walls are a great choice in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. In a master or guest bedroom, neutral, soothing colours provide a restful, calm atmosphere. A coloured or textured accent wall is a great way to add a little zing while maintaining the tranquil feel of personal space. In a dining room, however, an accent wall can be used to affect the ambience. Painting one wall in a darker shade can give a casual room a more formal appearance and feel. Living rooms can benefit from an accent wall behind a television or bookshelf. The right colour choice will give the room a cozy, homey character.

When choosing colours for your accent wall, you should consider the colours of your other walls in your decision. A simple shade darker or lighter can brighten or warm a room considerably. Adding a decorative design or texture might have that effect as well. Darker hues will help balance out neutral colours, while bright or bold colours can add a little life to the area.

To create an accent wall, begin by choosing which wall will work best. Take into account what you want the atmosphere to be in that room. Do you want it to be bright and energetic, warm and inviting, or elegant and formal? Next, decide how you want that wall to stand out. This might be accomplished by painting a solid colour, adding a design, or texturizing the surface. Finally, get it done. You can do it yourself if you have the time and know-how, or you can call a professional painter to take care of it quickly and easily.

If you’re considering an interior accent wall in your home, King Painting can help you at each step of the process. We’d love to help you give your rooms a new life. Give us a call today for more information.


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