Five Things To Remember When Painting

Five Things To Remember When Painting

The determination to repaint a room, office, house, or other space is a big commitment. It involves resolutions at many levels, from the initial one to do the job, to figuring out how to get it accomplished, and a myriad of small decisions throughout the process . Here are a few tips to help you make sure that you’re happy with the final result:

  1. Take your time. Great decisions are rarely the result of momentary impulses. Deciding to repaint a property requires careful consideration about what, who, when, where, and how. Repairs may be required. Colours must be chosen. If you decide to hire a painter, you should research the options and check references. All of these details and more are easier to manage if you don’t feel rushed. Simply making sure you have time to do it all will lessen the amount of stress surrounding the project considerably.
  2. Develop a budget. Painting a space can be a large expense, even if the space is small. Knowing how much you have to spend from the beginning will help you as you make various decisions. You may decide to take the project in small steps as you can afford it, or it may be more cost-beneficial to you to arrange it to be done in one big sweep. Different types of paints have different prices, and supplies can be a cost that is overlooked if you’re painting on your own. A good painting company will give you a detailed estimate which breaks down each part so you know exactly what to expect.
  3. Prepare appropriately. You’ve finally decided to go through with this, so you want it to last. Proper preparation will ensure that your new paint job will be beautiful for a long while, withstanding the elements and other harsh environments. The first step is usually cleaning the surface. A reputable painting contractor will likely use a pressure washer to spray away any flaking paint, stuck on dirt or grime, or loose bits of debris. They may also need to scrape the surface to make it smoother. Holes and gaps should be filled with an appropriate filler, and any uneven spots should be sanded down. And of course, before painting, the surface should be primed. This will aid in proper paint adhesion and add a layer of protection.
  4. Know what’s going on. If you’re painting the space yourself, this means understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing. Researching what types of paint to use for humid environments like a laundry, or on the exterior of a home will help you know what is needed when you get to that step. Read the instructions on each product to ensure that you’re using it correctly and for the best possible result. If you’re hiring a painter, make sure you’re in regular communication with the team leader or project manager. You can ask questions, express concerns, or just get updates this way, and never feel out of the loop. Knowing what is happening throughout the project will help avoid any miscommunications or unexpected outcomes.
  5. Remember why you’ve decided to paint. Sometimes on a large project, it’s easy to get so caught up in the many details, you forget what the end goal is. Frustrations with unexpected repairs or paint colours that don’t look the way you thought they would can become a big distraction. You decided to paint the space for a reason though – maybe to increase value or prepare for selling, or possibly just because you want an updated look. Keeping your goal in sight will remind you throughout the process, whether you’re painting or having someone else paint, that in the end, you’ll have a lovely and fresh new space when it’s all done.

These tips can help keep the process from becoming too stressful or overwhelming, and will save you valuable time and money along the way. Remember that hiring a professional painting company like King Painting Specialists Pty Ltd can make the entire project as easy and hassle-free as possible, leaving you to enjoy the result. For more information on our programs, please contact us today.

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