Picking the perfect house colour

Picking the perfect house colour

When deciding to paint the exterior of your home, there are many trends and preferences to consider. Choosing a colour that will be pleasing for a length of time can be difficult. Whether you are sticking with the tried and true white and beige exterior, or going with a more trendy bold hue, you’ll want to take care in your selection.

The first step to take is to spend time researching paint schemes and companies. This will help you know what you like and what you don’t like, which gives you a good starting point. Selecting a company that provides high quality paint is important, as well. Your home’s appearance will remain looking fresh and up-to- date with a long-lasting finish, especially one that is properly protected from the elements. UV absorbers in the pain formula will aid in this endeavor. If your home has an exterior like stone or brickwork, a low-gloss or matte finish may help it look more even and smooth. Part of your research should include gathering samples and trying them out on pieces of wood or other sample surfaces and getting a feel for what they look like in your area. Take your time to find what works for you, because you’ll likely be looking at it for a while.

Once you’ve decided on a basic exterior colour scheme, and chosen a reputable company with top-tier product, you can begin to think about accent colours and enhancing the palette for your home. Envision what you want, how it will fit in the neighborhood and on the property, and what you need to make it happen. Is your roof designed to accentuate a bold colour, or will it make your home seem heavier or darker? Current trends are showing shades of grey as popular, which look sleek and modern, but also calming and attractive. These colours open you up for a variety of trim colours, so if your weatherboards or exterior walls are charcoal or steel coloured, you may consider bright whites for trim.

If your main exterior is a lighter shade of gray, you might choose a bolder contrast to your window trims or fretwork. If you prefer a more cohesive scheme between exterior and trim, you can add a splash of colour simply by painting the front door. This draws the eye to the entry of your home, making it seem inviting and increasing your curb appeal.

Once you’ve decided on what you want, contact a capable and reputable painting company. Seek out references and take the time to discuss in detail the scope of the project. Book the work and you’ll soon be looking at a brand new home. You may love it so much, you’ll want to change the interior colours next, so keep that paint company’s number accessible!

Lastly, prepare yourself for the response. Remember, it’s what you love that’s important, because you have to live there. Others will have opinions, and hopefully they’ll agree, but know that you’ve done all the work and research necessary to continue with your new home exterior for years to come.



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