Top 5 Lessons From Commercial Painting

Top 5 Lessons From Commercial Painting

For over a decade, King Painting Specialists Pty Ltd has been providing painting services in the greater Sydney area.  As our business has grown, we’ve learned much, particularly regarding the commercial side of our business.  When working with large buildings with many occupants or other commercial properties like offices, schools, shops, and restaurants, there are many things to consider, such as proper research, time management, and prioritization.  Here are some of the items that King Painting believes are especially important in a commercial painting job:

  1. Excellent Communication

When scheduling a commercial painting job, we often have to take the hours of operation of that business into account. Because it can be cost prohibitive to close the business completely for painting, we must figure out a way to do the work without interfering with daily operations.  This requires clear and open communication from all parties.  Meetings, check-ins, and regular status updates are tools we use to communicate throughout the project, to ensure needs are being met and a good working relationship is preserved.  We’ve completed many jobs successfully by placing the highest priority on communication, allowing businesses, industrial complexes, and apartment buildings to continue functioning with minimal disruption.

  1. Careful Planning

Because commercial paint projects can be of a very large scale, sometimes including multiple buildings, or even high-rises.  Paint and equipment must be arranged appropriately, as well as painter schedules ensuring enough workers are available for the project. Scaffolding must arrive on time and be situated correctly.  Our QBCC licensed supervisors are able to manage logistical details such as parking and materials deliveries, avoiding costly delays and frustration.  Careful planning ensures that commercial projects run smoothly and timely, and that concerns are taken care of before they become problems.

  1. Experienced Painters

Many painting companies have good painters, but the difference between good and great is experience. Commercial painting requires specialized skills that are developed over time, by working on various types of commercial projects. Our painters are carefully screened and trained so we can assure our clients that they have the necessary abilities to complete their commercial jobs satisfactorily.  Most of our commercial technicians have been painting for quite a long time, and some have been with us for nearly 15 years.   If you’d like to know more about our expert group of painters, visit our team page.

  1. Expert Management

The complexity of commercial paint projects requires strong leadership. Overseeing multiple painters and their schedules, as well as communicating with various individuals or groups on behalf of the client can be a daunting task. When committees are involved, or multiple signatures are required for a project, it’s helpful to assign only one point of contact.  We make sure that person is a qualified supervisor, experienced in painting and project management.  These individuals are highly trained and able to make decisions on site, reducing confusion and getting the job done efficiently.  Projects run smoothly for us because we provide proper leaders.

  1. Industry Leadership

King Painting has knowledge and experience that has developed and grown over a decade.  We’re confident in our ability to handle any commercial painting project, regardless of scope or size.  Over the last ten years, we’ve worked hard to invest in our company’s reputation by providing top level training in areas like first aid and safe work conditions.  We keep a qualified abseiler on site, and teach appropriate safety measures when working at heights. We also have hired an expert team, from our office staff and administration, to estimating professionals, to interior decorators, and of course, painters.  Our team is a well-rounded group of professionals, each an expert in his or her division, who work together to make us successful leaders in the commercial painting industry.


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