New Year, New Interiors

New Year, New Interiors

New year is not far away! A new year always brings resolutions, promises, goals, and hopes. Often these bouts of optimism are short-lived and then quickly forgotten. If you’ve been putting off freshening up your interiors, let the New Year be your inspiration for change. Whether it’s coating your walls with paint, adding colour to your rooms, decorating with molding, wanes coating, or carpentry, now is the time!

What simple things can King Painting do for you that will make a big difference in 2013?

Interior Paint – A coat of paint will ring in the New Year with a fresh look that can add a new color or simply clean up your existing look. When we come to do the job, we also patch up holes, cracks, watermarks, and other eyesores. Your walls and ceilings will be good as new.

Decorating – In addition to paint, molding, bead board, wanes coating, chair rails, and other decorative carpentry takes a room to the next level. Not only do these items increase the value of your home, they create a polished look that is timeless.


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