SYDNEY Abseiling Painting


Rope access is not only less expensive, it is also quicker. Because our professional team is highly trained and skilled, we can often get the job done by abseiling faster than we’d be able to even erect a scaffolding or other powered access option. We first make sure there are adequate anchor points for abseiling access on a roof. If there are no anchor points, we can install permanent points, leaving them for use after our project is completed. This is convenient for future painting, window cleaning, or other projects that require safe rope access. In addition to painting, we also offer some high-level repair services. Our trustworthy reputation and commitment to workplace safety makes us a great choice for such projects.


Abseiling is cost-effective and efficient, but it’s also more environmentally friendly than other options for high-rise painting. While heavy machinery contributes negatively to noise pollution and air quality, emitting Co2 exhaust fumes, ropes have minimal to no negative effect on our environment. We care about our community and environment.


Our estimates are developed with care and consideration for the task that needs to be performed, and we always put customer satisfaction first. We can promise excellent communication and coordination with our clients and project managers, consistency in work, and a positive attitude that reflects our passion for what we do. It's our goal to provide the highest quality service, in the safest possible way, at the absolute lowest cost to our clients.

The passion for what we do is reflected in our attitudes and in the way that we approach every project; therefore reaching costumer’s expectations is our first priority. “Always open for challenging opportunities to develop long-term solutions, our team will work with you to deliver the project on time and to better suit your needs”

Our Abseiling Painting Services:

- Sydney CBD
- North Sydney
- Chatswood
- Artarmon
-Castle Cove
-Chatswood West
-Cremorne Point.